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  • Your services have been AWESOME and a pleasure to contact with all my questions. Everything has been answered VERY fast and even late a night sometimes...much appreciated. The process was very easy and smooth.

    Tom Zacher, Misawa
  • Every weekend since we have been on the move and loving it! Zinging through toll gates and loving the discounts (50%)!! We have definitely saved more than our monthly service fee and the convenience through the gate is a bonus. After living in Japan for over a decade, we finally are able to use ETC and it's awesome.

    JL VanNoy, Sasebo
  • We got our card several days ago and although we haven't used it much yet we love it already. It is so convenient. The service we experienced with Japan ETC was very good and fast. We love having the opportunity to have this.

    Vicki Robinson, Yokosuka
  • Super quick and easy process. Excellent customer service. Definitely worth it if you use the expressway.

    Tommy Smythe, Okinawa
  • Love our ETC card! It has made my husband's commute so much easier. Even if there were no discounts we love the ease of not having to stop at the tolls and pay. Thank you so much!

    Amanda Heiple, Okinawa
  • Love, Love, did I say Love, Your customer service....Adam you are awesome. Thanks for the quick answer to my question.

    Jamie Herrera, Misawa
  • A big thank you to Adam and the staff at japanetccard! Wonderful and quick service we love our new ETC card and can't wait to go on a road trip!

    Shannon Whitaker, Yokosuka
  • Thanks Japanetccard.com I've used the card just over a month and love it.

    Bryon Wells, Yokohoma
  • Signing up, getting the ETC reader installed, and obtaining the Japan ETC card was the easiest set of things I've had to do in Japan. This program is simple to understand, the toll discounts are great, and the support from Adam Jones is outstanding. Thanks for making this so easy.

    Ted Utz, Yokosuka
  • Amazing customer service and can't wait to receive our card!

    Tod Hazlett, Yokosuka
  • Japanetccard.com staff I commend you on such excellent service. The website is easy to navigate and signup is a breeze. I don’t only save money on my etc toll charge, I also don’t have to wait on a waiting list for Base Van Rentals especially on those 3 day or holiday weekends.

    Roy Estr, Sasebo
  • Customer service was amazing! The process was seamless and quick. The day we got it, we drove to Tokyo to New Sanno. The 750 yen toll getting off the Yoko Yoko was only 400 yen. Half-price tolls and you are breezing through in the ETC lane. I absolutely love it. I am offering to drive everyone anywhere they want to go so that they can ride with me and I can convince them that it is a need. It's a must have! Adam, thanks for your professionalism and your service!

    Renee Pate Cobb, Yokosuka
  • Fantastic service! Thank you for offering this to military personnel. It is saving us money each month as my husband uses the highway twice a day for work. Thank you

    Meghan Sullivan Walsh, Okinawa
  • Customer service has been great. Process has been just as it was described.

    Jim Journey, Okinawa
  • We love our new ETC card. The process was easy from the beginning. The customer service is great. I did the math before joining, I figured in the initial expense of buying and installing the card reader, the monthly fees, and the start-up fee. I calculated that I will cover my initial expenses within 8 months because I use the expressway daily. After 8 months, it's all savings! But I truly use the expressway for convenience and the ETC lane makes it that much quicker. I would use it without the discounts. For example, using the expressway cut my morning commute from 40 minutes to 25 minutes. It reduced my afternoon commute from 55 minutes to 30. That almost an hour of my life that I get back daily. That itself is worth the money!

    The Five Obars, Okinawa
  • My experience with Autobacs was super easy! They knew exactly what I wanted and was in and done in less than 25 min. But they also had someone that spoke perfect english. The whole process with JapanEtc has been super easy step by step and very very friendly helpful staff. I went from payment to receiving a call that my card was ready for pickup in exactly one week. Fast, friendly, courteous just perfect! Thanks JapanEtc !

    Shelly Thompson, Yokosuka
  • I have had a great experience with the Etc staff! My only suggestion would be to possibly create a document in Japanese that people could bring to Autobacs or Yellow Hat to explain what is needed. We had a really difficult time telling the people at Autobacs what we needed since the way we are obtaining the etc card isn't the way they are used to. If we hadn't had the help of a Japanese friend that we could call to translate, we would have been lost and probably would not have completed the process.

    Megan Miller, Japan
  • Staff kept me updated every step of the way! I now have my ETC Card and I am ready to get on the road. Thank you for the wonderful service.

    James Gruel, Misawa
  • The best customer service I have ever encountered! I emailed a question about the ETC card and got a call back a few minutes later. The representative was helpful and answered all my questions. He went above and beyond to assist me. By far the best service I've ever received.

    Susan Long, Okinawa
  • Thanks everyone at Japanetccard.com I was amazed at the ease of the process. Can't wait to take advantage of the savings this winter.

    Luis Cantu, Misawa
  • Every question I or my husband wondered about I asked and was answered in a quick and efficient fashion. I will be coming in end of week to pick up my card since we have a busy week. Great work! I have been even telling my Japanese friends that only have US bank account.

    Jason Pickering, Atsugi

JapanETCcard, is the pacesetter for providing ETC solutions complying with Japan standards. We are poised to make ETC services simple and more convenient for all SOFA, MOFA, MOC, and retired military personnel living in Japan. We are a professional ETC solutions company offering ETC specialists that provide clients with incredible support and customer service.

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