How it works: 8 simple steps to JapanETCcard

It only takes a few minutes to join.  Provide paperwork, complete deposit, & receive card a few days later.
Place the card in the reader, and drive worry free.  Automated Billing, & when finished, very easy to cancel.


Click the "Join" button on the top right.  Fill in required information.   Once completed, it will automatically log you into the website and direct you to begin user agreement.


Click begin user agreement.  Read through the requirements.  Click [X] agreement to the terms.


Instructions how to get your ETC unit registered for your vehicle.
You will need to provide a copy of your ETC setup document, and shaken.

We will ensure that the information on the ETC setup document matches that of your vehicle title.
This ensures us that you have properly switched over and updated the ORSE network to ensure the toll road companies has accurate information when you drive through the toll gates.

JapanETCcard provides (4) options to provide the required documents.

1. Bring to a local ETC office.  (Currently only Yokosuka ETC Office).
2. Scan & Use Upload Button below on the form online.
3. Scan & and Send By Email to:
4. Take a snap shot with your cell phone, and send it to us via email.

1. ETC Vehicle Title Registration (Shaken)
This is the standard vehicle registration document found in any vehicle.  Please ensure that the vehicle title has been switched over to your name.  If you have recently just purchased the vehicle from a 3rd-party, please visit a local LTO (Land Transportation Office) to have your paperwork updated to your information.  They will use this accurate information to update your ETC setup document.

2. ETC Setup Document
If your vehicle doesn't have an ETC unit it already: Then you will need to complete the entire process from scratch.  Visit an automotive center like AutoBacs or Yellow Hat, and select a unit from the shelf, and just ask them to install, and activate the unit to your vehicle.  You will need to show them a copy of your vehicles registration paperwork. ETC Installation and Setup estimated Costs are as follows: ETC Unit: ¥6,000 - ¥10,000  depending on the model you choose. ETC Unit Installation: ¥5,250 ETC Unit activation Setup:¥2,625.

If your vehicle already has the ETC unit: You simply will visit an automotive center like AutoBacs, or Yellow Hat, and ask them to perform the ETC setup process for your unit.  You will provide them a copy of your vehicles registration, and they will fill out an ETC form.  The cost for re-setup process is typically about ¥2625.

Step 4: ¥20,000/¥40,000 SECURITY DEPOSIT

The reason why we require a ¥40,000 security deposit, is due to ETC charges not being charged automatically at the time of use.  Our systems provide clients a line of credit, due to ETC usage charges not being billed until (2) months after your usage.  Billing cycles always take place on the last day of each month, which account for the ETC tolls usage of the previous month.  Once we receive a customers invoice statement of how much they have driven from the Japanese road company it accounts for the previous month (Example: You drive for the entire month of JULY on the toll road.  You will not pay JULY ETC driving usage until 8/31.  Your AUGUST ETC driving, you will not pay until 9/30. 

The second reason why we have a deposit requirement is to ensure if the customers credit card on file was to be declined, we have a second method to retrieve past due charges from the customer.  JapanETCcard provides customers an unlimited line of credit once the ¥40,000 is on file.  Typical customers in our program use approximately ¥20,000-¥60,000 monthly.  So for example, a customer is (2) months behind, many of our customers have a credit of ¥60,000 being used with only ¥40,000 on file.   Even though the customer is using more than what is on file, its perfectly okay.  It just ensures our banking representatives, that in case the customer was to default 100%, we at-least have a method to retrieve something from the customer that has been behind on payments. If for some reason a customer has found themselves behind on their ETC monthly charges, we will STOP the customers ETC card, and attempt to retrieve and settle charges from the deposit on file.

Customer can choose between (2) different options:
              1. ¥40,000 (1 Payment)
              2. ¥20,000 (2 Payments)
              * Second payment received on month 2 of service.

Each month we have between $6,000-$10,000 a month in DECLINED payment methods via customers credit card or debit card on file.  When this occurs, we will work with the customer who is past-due on their payments and figure out a new payment method.   In some cases the customer will ask us to re-try the previously used credit card.  In some cases the customer will provide a new credit card number to attempt his past due ETC usage fees.  Our customer service billing department is always available to  make exceptions if customers need a little extra time.

If we have ¥0 security deposit on file, imagine if lets say 100 people decided not to pay their ETC usage, and not to provide us a good credit card number to attempt.  We would be stuck paying for this customers bills.  The deposit is simply a backup, just in case the customer decides NOT to pay good on his outstanding charges.

How to proceed to deposit step:

Once your vehicle documents have been verified you will receive notification to login to the website to complete the deposit step. 
Each week we process a new batch of ETC cards.  We ask that customers complete the deposit step prior to Wednesday of that week.  This ensures that we will have the card ready to issue on every Saturday.  Once the card arrives on Saturday to our office, we will ship your card to you the same day we receive it.  The card should take approximately (1 to 2 days) to reach its destination in Japan.  If you prefer to pick up the card at our local Yokosuka ETC office, that option is also available.

NOTE: If you are trying to do the deposit from a OneNet computer it might not work. If it doesn't go through you can give us a call on the phone and we can take your deposit information over the phone (Office: 046-874-7156).


You can log onto your account and give us your physical shipping address. We receive ETC packages to our office each Saturday.  We still need to receive your shipping address ready, so we can get it shipped out to you ASAP.  It will take 1 or 2 days to receive your card once we send it.

** Customers should note, that we utilize Japanese Shipping companies to deliver your welcome package **

There is no added cost for the customer to receive the packages. Its included in the initial setup process. For us to ensure that you receive the package in a timely fashion, we MUST have a physical address location either on or off the base.

You CANNOT USE a post office box on base as a delivery method. They can deliver it to a command on the base, but we will need to know the physical building number.

They can deliver it to any location on base, but we need to have the physical building numbers. If you choose to have it delivered off-base to a Japanese address, we can have it delivered anywhere throughout Japan. It will not be any problem off-base.

Please also include a good time and contact number in case the delivery company needs to reach you.  Remember they are calling from a Japanese cell phone so please include the Japanese prefix for them.

** If your address is an on-base address, the shipping company cannot guarantee they will deliver at the specified time. Its still good to specify it, but they cannot guarantee it will be delivered when you specify.**

Select one of the following below:

If you are in Okinawa, select one of the following below:
1. Before 1200 (noon)
2. 1400-1600
3. 1600-1800
4. 1800-2000
5. 1900-2100

If you are NOT in Okinawa, select one of the following below:
1. Before 1200 (noon)
2. 1200-1400
3. 1400-1600
4. 1600-1800
5. 1800-2000
6. 1900-2100

The following list below displays which bases are authorized to receive a delivery, and which ones cannot.

Mainland Japan
Camp Zama
Sasebo Main Base

NO: - But will meet you at Main Gate
Camp Fuji
Sasebo Hario Housing
Yokohoma North Dock
Yokota - Outside Main Gate at Sagawa Main office


Camp Foster
Camp Kinser
Camp Schwab
Camp Shields
Camp S.D. Butler
MCAS Futenma
Torii Station
Camp Hansen
Camp McTureous
Fort Buckner

NO: - But will meet you at Main Gate
Camp Courtney
Camp Lester
Camp Gonsalves
White Beach


This is all you have to do, you just insert it into your ETC unit.  Ensure the black arrow on the ETC card is pointing away from you. Ensure it turns BLUE or GREEN when you insert the card. If it turns red, it's in the wrong direction, so pop it out, and re-insert it.

When you drive through the tolls,  please drive 20KM or less. Great, thanks for letting us know. We will mark you off the list. You will never want to go back to toll tickets after using the ETC card.


Every month on the last day of each month, you will be billed for the monthly service fee and whatever ETC usage you have accumulated for the previous month of driving.  Billing is always (2) months behind.  For Example:  March ETC driving, gets billed April 30th.  April ETC driving, gets billed May 31st.
You always have the option to login to your account and update the credit card on file.

By default you will be on the pay as you go plan. If you select a One year Contract or Pay Once Never Pay Again plan you will not be charged until the month of your first bill. The only thing you will be charged right now is your deposit and that is it.

These are the three plans below:

1. Pay as you go which is ¥1,200 billed Monthly. If you do not use your ETC card on this plan you will not only pay any ETC toll fees but your ¥1,200 yen service is also ¥0 for that month.

2. 1 Year contract plan which is ¥989 a month billed annually. On the one year contract plan the plan is 12 months concurrent not 12 months consecutive. So if you do not use the ETC tolls during the month your ¥989 service will just carry over to the next month.

3. The last service plan that we have is the Pay Once Never Pay again plan is a ¥20,000 yen billed once and you never pay any more service fees as long as you are apart of our program. The only thing you will have to pay for is just your ETC tolls charges during the month. If you leave Japan and you come back 2 or 4 years later and you inform us that you were a customer before we will get another ETC card (once the proper paperwork is submitted for your new vehicle) and since you are were on the pay once never pay again plan that still remains in effect and you will still only be required to only pay for your ETC tolls.


Login to your account at anytime.  Under MY ACCOUNT, select Cancel ETC Service.   You can specify the date that you would like to have your ETC card canceled.
Note: You do not need to return your ETC card. Remember that you still will need to complete all outstanding charges once the deposit can be returned to your credit card on file.
For Example:  You cancel the ETC card service on July 22nd.  You still have to pay the month of July ETC usage, so the last billing cycle would be August 31st.  Once your final bill has been paid in full, security deposit will be refunded back to the credit card on file within the first 96 hours.