• Have you wanted ETC?
    Get an ETC Card!
    ETC provides customers the ability to receive 30-50% off
    their toll travels automatically computed as you travel...
    Every month all the toll charges for the month get
    automatically pulled from your US credit card on file.
    Never carry pockets
    full of ¥ change
    when you travel again...
  • Your Vehicle Will Need
    An ETC Unit Installed & Activated
    Visit AutoBacs or YellowHat
    to have ETC unit installed
    or re-activated if you already have
    one in the vehicle..
    Estimated Costs:
    New ETC Unit: ¥6000-10,000
    Installation: ¥5250
    Activation or Re-setup process: ¥2700

English ETC Services for SOFA, MOFA, MOC, & retired military personnel.Our ETC services start as low as ¥989 per month....

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JapanETCcard is incredibly
easy fast reliable
to sign up and use as a service.

In-Car Comfort, No Opening Windows
No Need To Stop & Pay For Tolls
Friendly on the Environment
ETC Benefits

Our Features

Japanese/English Qualified ETC Specialists Support

US Credit Card Payment Options

End of Year ETC Usage Tax Statements Provided

Monthly Bills are all in English

Breakdown of toll road usage in English

ETC Website in English

Free Toll Fee Quotes

Completely Web Based Processing, 100% Check Status Online Anytime

SOFA, MOFA, MOC & Retired Members

No Contract & Contract Plans

and more...
Our company has recognized a need for customers to have an efficient method to view discounts from point A to point B. We are continually expanding our ETC price guides so you have an instant understanding the best time to travel.
It is simple to use, and provides many time-saving features. Customers are able to sign up for the website, and walk step by step through the process. The new enhanced website expands our customer’s abilities to customize their usage reports, invoices, and manage their account billing profiles. JapanETCcard website features will continue to improve and expand to meet our customer's growing needs.

Driving Discounts

Take advantage of specified area discounts, or time of day discounts up to 50% off toll travels throughout Japan. Discounts are automatically computed as you travel; you will always get the cheapest price.

Save Time

Drivers do not have to waste time opening and closing the car window receiving a toll ticket or making payments. Breeze through without pulling over. Especially helpful during wet and windy days the driver can be freed from the discomfort of having rain blow inside their vehicle.

Great Convenience

Toll roads in Japan are managed by 10 different public/private corporations, each with its own discount program. Our ETC card works in all these toll roads and consolidates your travel expenses into one convenient payment. No need to convert yen and carry pockets full of change when you travel.